50 shades of Golden

50 Shades of Golden. Episode 3

50 shades golden episode 3

Hello world!

It’s a quite spring morning, sun is shining, blu sky, the Brambillas decides to go to the seaside.

I am sure it will be a wonderful day.

Birds are singing, kids are asleep, Aperol and Spritz take one bed each, Ilaria sleeps next to Spritz by sharing the pillow and Francesco is sleeping right above Aperol.

I woke up earliest to get everything ready, we should be at the seaside around 10. Getting down the stairs in the dark and silent, don’t wanna wake anybody up, just enjoy this time for myself. I feel happy all inside my body, it will be a wonderful day…. kids under sun umbrella, dogs next to them, Piero and me just relaxing… keep getting down the stairs with my mind focussed on the sea, waves, sun… when suddenly my foot steps on a pork toy which loudly squeezes and I start running down the stairs trying not to fall, looking for the handrail, that by the way we never put, finally I reach the end of the stairs at same speed than a train, I breath, am alive and around me only silence, no screeming kids, no husband, no dogs. Slowly I reach the light switch.

I am quite satisfied about myself so finally now can start my day.

I slowly open de fridge to get what I need to make sandwitches, food for Francesco and close back the door.
How is this possible?

When did they get here?

Aperol and Spritz are happily looking at me, I have got to say that my dogs are real ninja.

They developped such a ninja technique, sliding in the living, pretending nobody can see them, to reach the kitchen where Aperol learnt how to open the fridge and take what they need to share together.

It may look kind of weard behaviour but I know enough about dogs intelligence and it is good that they are so independant, not like other dogs starring at you waiting for food, is this independence or not?

Really people have to spend all their life to give food to dogs? It is true that train them is not easy, neither people accept advise but come on, just try it!

Meanwhile the blonds are having breakfast with oven pasta I think, but don’t want to bother them so don’t ask. I try walking over them but It is not easy with two dogs of almost 40 kg each and with my hands full of food, mozzarella falls on the floor and Sprits loves it, so … will use another cheese for my bread.


12,45 p.m.
Francesco is running naked in the garden but we are going to the seaside so he would have been naked anyway. Ilaria feels warm but she wanted absolutely to wear her pink feather jacket to go to the seaside. Aperol and Spritz are laying in the shadow of an olive tree, most likely they have some digestion troubles due to the oven pasta
Piero has loaded our luggage so we are ready to head of seaside. 

2.30 p.m.
Each human being has own rythm and deserves respect, trust, love. Therefore we are waiting for Aperol to jump in the car. Francesco is already asleep and Itaria maybe too.

I finally decide we have to leave so I invite the blond to get in, she looks at me, I point the car, she looks at it, I show her the trunk, she looks at me and decides to sleep.

I ask for Piero’s help, he lifts her head up, I lift her back up, she opens an eye while we are charging her in the car, then she closes her eye and moves her tail when I smell something really bad, obviously something went wrong with her digestion. The smell is everywhere, Ilaria wakes up and Aperol is worried about her.

3 p.m.

We are not the only ones having the good idea of going to the seaside, we are in a traffic jam, air conditioning is broken. I look over the car in front of us, the man driving is wearing a white t-shirt showing his muscles, the woman is wearing a hat and three kids sitting in the back are singing. Then I can see a small dog who badly wants to reach the back seat but is not allowed through a protection net. Nobody is looking at him, I cannot stand this behaviour, mine also are in the trunk but they can reach us, I open windows for them so that can  enjoy fresh air.
I cannot help so I reach that car and knock at the window. They look at each other wondering if should open or not. They finally do and I will be polite but tell how bad is what they are doing to their dog.

3.45 p.m.

We reached the sea, the discussion with that car owners didn’ t turn right.

We get a sun umbrella and some sun bathing beds.
Ilaria is still wearing her winter jacket, sweatting so I order her to take it off.
Where are Aperol and Spritz? I cannot see them so start looking for both but I right away fall into a huge hole hoping Spritz didn’t dig
A man next to us is looking at me with a clear disapproval, he must be frustrated.

I keep looking for our dogs when I notice two old ladies screaming at something, no better, at somebody. Ah a dog, a golden retriever, Spritz found, laying on that lady towel, after swim, with something in her mouth.

I approach my dog and  hug her, while the ladies are asking if that is my dog, keeping screaming bad words.

I really don ‘t get why they are so angry, Spritz decides to leave, so do I.

Then I see Aperol into the water, playing with a bunch of kids. He is very fit, thanks to my long morning walks, good food. If you want a happy dog he needs to be healthy, that’s my motto.
I go back to our spot and enjoy this fantastic afternoon, it is not like I pictured it but is ok.
Francesco joined a group of men, Ilaria is suntanning, Spritz is socializing with everybody and digs holes under their chairs.

If you want to be happy you need to be healthy, this is our motto now.

Aperol reached the kano of those kids who are swimming back. Piero keeps on sleeping in the shadow.

I look at all and think how difficult it was to train my dogs and get the point am now.
How? Where am I?
At the top I must say, I am able to communicate with my dogs same way I do to persons, I am so at the top of education skills that most of people don’t understand me…. well at the end I am a ninja of dogs education.