50 shades of Golden

50 Shades of Golden. Episode 2


Good Morning World…

Oh yes… life is perfect!


I feel like in an American film, where there are all those happy families …

Those families living in those beautiful white houses with perfectly manicured garden; those families with him, business man, who wakes up and has a dress on; those families that she wakes up flawless, wearing makeup, which is preparing to go to work with the heel 12;  those families that children,  clean and perfect, who eat breakfast and their dogs are waiting in front of their Bowl, then are walked by kids and then everyone in the car to go to work …

Good Morning World…

 life is almost perfect .

Today I have to go to work and I’m late… the alarm, why the alarm clock didn’t rang? I thought it was close to my bed… Oh no… I forgot I left here the batteries … APEROOOL SPITS the alarm, not now, you know, when you want…

Of course it might seem to have been the fault of the dog, but I know how to educate him, and he would never do anything like that if there wasn’t a reason… basically, it was just a clock, it was the cheapest I found, was not well with our décor … Oh that’s why Aperol took it temporarily on loan, my dog has a strong sense of aesthetics.

Never mind, let’s get ready to go out, I must also move to buy the alarm before returning home.

I wald down the stairs and Piero is fighting with our adorable children, Francesco runs half-naked around the House screaming that we can never dress him up, but… since when he learned to walk so well?? And Ilaria is sitting on the Chair and whenever Piero turns devolves his biscuit…. Who is the beneficiary? Obviously it’s Spritz.

Everyone thinks he’s around the chair just to have some food, but it is definitely not so, I know my dogs and he is only there because he loves immensely our beloved little ones. OK, now there’s really not much time … I take the leashes and we are ready for a quick morning walk, I will rest while walking with my dogs, in green, in the quiet of a sunny morning …

Good Morning World,

life is … basically it’s up to us to feel the perfection of small things

We’re walking around, the sky is clear and blue, there are no clouds, there is no traffic, the sound of our footsteps echoing in the silence of a landslide still asleep.

My dogs are trained and I release them every morning, and they run and run and run and run, and I wait and wait and wait and wait and then they go back and they run towards me and they run and run and run and thanks to them I do exercise.
First of all they taught me the art of avoiding danger, and they do it with extreme patience every morning when they come back from their runs,  then taught me the art of meditation and patience, you’re in a hurry? Not them … our dogs are very wise! Now that Aperol Spritz are back and can leave to go to work … all together.

Good Morning World,

life is… not bad!!

We are ready, I open the trunk to accommodate the blondies for the trip, but they don’t want to go up, well … it is normal, my dogs are trained and they know which is the best time to get into the car. Ilaria hangs out near the car and Francesco … well, he’s not really dressed entirely, but today it’s sunny …

Fold the stroller and put it in the car, when at the other side of the street passes Miss Bertuccetti with that dog… so rude… I called him a thousand times to greet him and he never crossed the street to come to us, then I sent so many times my dogs to them, free, in order to keep him company, never even a thank…

You know, more than once I have made me available to the young lady, but she has never shown interest in my canine education classes, sometimes showed also disappointment … the people do not know how to be grateful. I mean… she has a dog, black and white, one of those tall and lean, I’ve seen that breed on the tv in a movie. I have read and I’ve checked around, those dogs need a point of reference, a leader.

So I went to her and I told her that I could solve all his problems, it is clear that there are problems … the dog is sad, he is on a leash, he run behind a ball ignoring the world, never strays from her even more than three metres, and every time she opens his mouth  he turns around to look at her, you know… it’s a misfit.

I focus again on my job, put kids and dogs in the car. Ilaria is increasingly sullen and when I ask her what is wrong with me  she says: “Mommy POO” … she is a girl,  who knows what she saw? I put it in the car seat and I turn to Francis, there is only a sock, who knows where the other could be? Well, at school someone will surely have a sock to lend. Aperol is in standstill motionless, Spritz is jumping on the car, I close the trunk and we can go.

Good Morning World,

life is… grrrrrrrrr

We started 30 seconds ago and in the car there is a smell comparable to that of the stadium’s bathrooms after a concert with 50000 people. Ilaria keeps repeating “Mommy POO” but now indicates Aperol. My Golden retriever now has a darker side … brownish…A perol is so smart that he learned to camouflage himself into the woods and every morning he exercise, the first rule is to hide your smell … He’s really a boss.

In the meantime I feel the unmistakable sound of retching, and Ilaria saying “Mommy sock” … poor Spritz forced to swallow Francesco’s socks! I’m sure Spritz wants to help me not to lose the socks … Now my morning is getting … definitely … never mind.

Good Morning World,

life is perfect… and life with two golden retrievers is even more perfect.

It is evening, Piero and I returned from work, the kids are back from kindergarten and our dogs are back from the Groomer (I washed them a few times with the laundry detergent, but then I read that was no good… I thought people says it just because it wasn’t fashionable, instead it seems to be a little too … strong).

You know life is truly perfect, no matter how many alarm clocks I’ll have to change, life is this. And my life is perfect thanks to all my family and my ability to train dogs, I don’t want to exaggerate but everyone should be me … even Ms. Bertuccelli.