50 shades of Golden

"Fifty shades of Golden" is our educational column. It tells the everyday stories of a “blended family” and explains all you should NOT do with a dog.

Enjoy your reading.

50 Shades of Golden. Episode 4

Hello world, It's raining outside and I am sitting in my office looking at drops against the window and thinking...

50 shades golden

50 Shades of Golden. Episode 3

Hello world! It's a quite spring morning, sun is shining, blu sky, the Brambillas decides to go to the seaside. I...

50 shades golden episode 3

50 Shades of Golden. Episode 2

Good Morning World... Oh yes… life is perfect!   I feel like in an American film, where there are all...

50 shades of golden. episode 2

50 Shades of Golden. Episode 1

Hi everybody, my name is Veronica and I’m a proud owner of two wonderful golden Retriver (said it right?). Today...

50 shades of golden